Quitting Copenhagen

by on March 30, 2012
in habits

A few days ago, my 7 year old asked me “Why do you put that stuff in your mouth” and I didn’t really have a good answer for him.

After a 2 minutes conversation about bad habits, he told me that I should probably “just stop buying it”. So I told him I’d try that trick. And I have.

I haven’t bought any Copenhagen in a week, and I haven’t used any tobacco products in at least 48 hours, though it feels like longer.

This weekend should be a good one, then I’m out of town next week. We’ll see how this goes.

Quit Drinking

by on July 25, 2009
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My doc recommended I quick drinking about two months ago, so I did. He didn’t give me a real reason or need to quick drinking, rather, just recommended it because it’s healthier than drinking. Your liver has to process all of that alcohol in your system and believe it or not, while an extremely resilient organ, it still gets damaged a little each time you drown it in liquor.

So, I quit drinking. And believe it or not, I actually feel better after a night out now, than if I drink a few and get all dehydrated and hung over the next morning. Ugh…

And it’s easy to quit drinking. Just do it.


by on July 23, 2009
in exercise

I started running this week.

Running is probably the easiest way to get in shape, even if it’s too “high-impact” for people. The key is you don’t need anything to do it, except some shoes, shorts and a t-shirt.

I have to be honest though, it’s been eight years since I’ve really run (I was in the Army back in the day, and really didn’t have a problem running at one point in my life).

So my “running” today, looks more like me walking out of my house… getting on the street… jogging for about a minute, and then walking for a few minutes, and alternating that for 30 – 45 minutes, until I’m too winded and tired to run, which is when I switch to just walking fast, to keep my heart rate up, and the sweat pouring (which isn’t a problem in 100 degree heat in Texas, where I live).

So, if you are over-weight like I am. Get up off your fat ass and start walking for 30-45 minutes a day… start running when you can, and extend the time whenever you can (I ran/walked for an hour this morning, and it felt great!)

Getting a “Business Only” Credit Card

by on July 23, 2009
in stress

One way I’m “getting my life back” is to reduce the amount of stress I have in my life.

I used to use a personal credit card for all of my business expenses, which meant at the end of the month, I had to go through my credit card statement, looking for receipts, and total up all of the business expenses, so that I could submit them to my company for reimbusement.

And it really stressed me out, because it was a total pain in the ass. My solution: Get a new Citi AAdvantage card, and put all of my business expenses on that card. Problem solved.

Once a month, I hand in my credit card statement with explanations, and I’m done.

Talk about a time saver too! And I get airline miles from American Airlines for it too!

Why the name “Getting my life back”?

by on April 30, 2009
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It’s simple.  I’m fat. And out of shape. And when I play with my kids, I run out of breath quickly.

This blog will chronicle my steps towards losing weight, getting back in shape, and basically getting my life back, before it slips through my fingers.

If you want to read along, great!

You’ll probably see me stumble a little, but that’s going to be okay. I’m looking for the long term solution here, not a quick fix. And ask I go down this road, you’ll get to come along with me.

I’m sure I’ll find products that help me, and I’ll share those with you, as well as links to websites I find that teach me something about how to live a more healthy life.

Welcome, and enjoy.